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Monday, December 10, 2012

Larger Free Tiers + New Pricing Plans

This week, we introduced some new pricing plans and as part of this, greatly expanded the free resources in our Free plans. It wasn't just a small increase. We went big – with a lot more free requests for IronMQ, many more free hours for IronWorker, and a ton of free space in IronCache

The thinking is pretty straight-forward. We want developers to get access to more messaging and processing power and make it even easier and faster to build great apps.

Free Developer Plans

 Free Resources in the Developer Plans

You can see the full set of resources on our Pricing page but here's a quick rundown:
  • With IronMQ, developers get 10 million API requests free,
  • With IronWorker, developers get 200 hours free,
  • With IronCache, developers get 25MB of key/value store free.

Note that these are on a monthly basis – not just a one-time thing. These are big numbers, but then we expect developers to do big things with our services. When you have access to elastic and reliable messaging and processing services – especially ones that are drop-dead simple to connect to – you're able to build and scale applications much more quickly, at a lower cost, and with far less complexity.

We're providing a lot of free resources because we want developers to get a long runway to really experience what this elastic, almost serverless, shift in computing means.

Tiered Pricing Plans

The free Developer plan is one of several pricing options. The introduction of tiered pricing plans is based on feedback from our user base who were asking for targeted billing levels, more control for overages, and a simplified experience. Our plans meet this by providing for specific amounts of resources – message requests for IronMQ, compute hours for IronWorker, and data volume for IronCache – along with switches to either limit to plan or make usage unlimited (and charging usage rates when plan amounts are exceeded).

Larger plans also have additional features such as high availability, alerts, and other premium offerings. For example, if you need super-high availability with IronMQ (meaning 3 or more zones), that's something we can do. With IronWorker, if you need super-high concurrency (1000 or more concurrent workers at a time), that's also something we can provide as part of premium plans. You can switch between plans at any time plus custom plans are available in the event you need more resources or have special usage patterns.

The Net-Net

As with taking the need to manage servers and infrastructure off the table, we're trying to take pricing off the table by providing generous free plans and solid value in the paid plans. The net-net of all this is there are with freedom and more resources, there's even less holding you back from building the next great app. So let's get started (and keep us posted).