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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Professional Plans → More Resources, Support Options, and Performance Assurances has recently introduced several professional pricing plans that deliver far more messaging and processing capacity, higher level of technical assistance and support, and greater performance assurances.

These plans have been designed based on the needs of many of the production-level customers using services. This professional tier is a standardization of custom plans created in the past and are designed to deliver the desired combinations of resources, support, and performance levels.


The IronMQ professional plans — Silver, Gold, and Platinum — offer greater API messaging throughput as well as provide isolated message clustering, custom data retention, and expanded support options.

Isolated Clustering Greater Performance Assurances
The professional tier provide isolated clustering of messages which means messages are retained in servers that are separate from the generic public service. This largely eliminates the impact that external use can have on message throughput and latencies.

Whether you are using message queues to interface with your own worker systems, buffer incoming data, or fan-out events to other systems and processes, isolated clusters ensure that message throughput and message latencies are consistent.

The release of isolated clustering is another step in pursuit of achieving and maintaining high performance and availability levels. These aspects of messaging — in conjunction with guaranteed message integrity — are core tenets at The IronMQ professional plans are intended for high scale production-level users, although anyone who has large volumes of messaging, mission critical needs, or just wants extra throughput assurances will certainly want to look at these new options.


The IronWorker professional plans also include Silver, Gold, and Platinum options – each providing thousands of hours and hundreds of concurrent tasks. The Gold and Platinum options also offer custom data retention so developers can specify the length of archiving for task details and payloads.  This new tier is intended to  provide almost unlimited processing capacity and largely make limitations on scaling up or scaling out a non-factor.

High Concurrency/More Compute Hours Greater Scale
With IronWorker’s professional tier, resource limitations pretty much go away. Developers gain access to thousands of cores without having to manage, provision, de-provision, or even touch a VM. Send tasks (lots of them) and IronWorker will execute seamlessly execute them.

High concurrency means that job durations can be shrunk from hours to minutes. (In a blog post a number of months ago we discussed shrinking email processing from 9 hours to 9 minutes using concurrent processes.)

Higher concurrency also comes in handy when you’re dealing with a large number of asynchronous processes. In the case of Untappd, they use IronWorker to send user tasks to the background to increase app responsiveness. They still want/need these tasks to be executed in a very timely manner and so they can’t have throttling because of lack of server capacity. IronWorker gives them the flexibility to scale as much as they'd like. The new plans now provide an easy way for anyone to get this level of scale.

Expanded Support Options

The IronMQ and IronWorker Professional Plans also include greater support options. Messaging handling and background / async processing are critical parts of almost every production application.’s Professional Plans provide increased contact availability and higher priority issue response. This means that dev teams not only gain greater resources and performance assurances, they also gain more immediate assistance in keeping systems running smoothly and scaling efficiently.

The options available in the Standard, Premium, and 24x7 packages include:

  • Account Managers
  • Technical Assistance and Consultation
  • Higher Priority Support Response
  • Increased Support/NOC Contact Availability (inc 24x7)


We believe these plans meet the fundamental needs of customers running production-level cloud applications. We’ve worked with a number of customers on custom plans and now are making these plans a standard part of our offering.

Behind every cloud-application of any complexity or size lies a number of independent processes, task workloads, and connections to other systems.’s services fill these cores needs. And now with’s Professional Plans, developers have the resources, performance assurances, and support options to not only get them to the next level but let them stay at that level — and do so with a strong partner from

(FWIW,’s standard plans are great and will provide high resource and service levels for developers building the next great apps. There is also the free plan which provides a great way to get to know the capabilities of IronMQ, IronWorker, and IronCache. The professional plans are  just a step up and intended for apps seeing heavy use.)