SimpleWorker Usage Pattern Graph

SimpleWorker is a job queuing and scheduling system so while a lot of work comes in at random times usually based on some event in their system (ie: a user clicks a button), there are a lot of scheduled jobs too and those scheduled jobs have a huge affect on the capacity requirements for SimpleWorker. Check out this graph of CPU usage for the past 24 hours across the entire SimpleWorker server farm.

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Including other files in your Worker with “merge”

Previously, your worker file/class had to be self contained (ie: single file including all code for the worker).

Now you can use the new “merge” class method for instance:

class TestWorker2 < SimpleWorker::Base

merge "models/model_1.rb"

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Pushed 0.3.0 Gem: Much More User Friendly

After using SimpleWorkr for a long time now, I always think to myself, “there’s gotta be some way to make this more intuitive”. I want it to feel more like it’s just like running your normal code without even really realizing that the work is actually offloaded to the cloud. So with that in mind, the gem now has a much more intuitive usage pattern, more like ActiveRecord.
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