Worker Queues as a Key Variable

Anyone working on a serious web app knows that a worker queue makes up a key component within the app architecture. So important is it that the infrastructure equation is typically broken into servers, workers, and datastores. Sure, there are other components and line items (cdn, bandwidth, etc) that an app can’t do within, but servers, worker, and datastores form the primary building blocks for architects and make up the main cost factors.
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Worker Example Library on Github

We’ve created a public github repository for SimpleWorker example code. There are a few samples in there right now and we’ll keep adding to it and we welcome any contributions as well!  If you have a worker you’d like to share, fork the project, add your worker example, then send us a pull request.

Autoload Rails Models for Super Easy Rails Integration

SimpleWorker will now include all the models in your Rails app automatically so you don’t have to merge them manually. Just use them almost as if they were to be run locally and you’re good to go.


class MyWorker < SimpleWorker::Base
attr_accessor :user_id
def run
# User model will automatically be available, so just use it as you normally would.
user = User.find(user_id)