Speaking on Docker in Production [Feb 11th]

Travis Reeder, CTO and co-founder at, and Reed Allman, a systems engineer, will be talking about Docker in Production at an upcoming meetup.

Luke Marsden from ClusterHQ, John Fiedler from RelateIQ, and Jérôme Petazzoni from Docker will also talk abou their experiences on the subject. The ClusterHQ meetup will be held on Wed, Feb 11th at Heavybit Industries in San Francisco, CA.

Continue reading “ Speaking on Docker in Production [Feb 11th]” hosting CoreOS meetup – Speakers include Brandon Philips from CoreOS and Sam Ward from will be hosting a CoreOS meetup on this Monday, Sept. 8th. Brandon Philips, CTO of CoreOS, will be a speaker as will representatives from DigitalOcean and Citrix. Continue reading “ hosting CoreOS meetup – Speakers include Brandon Philips from CoreOS and Sam Ward from”

Laracon, Laracast, LaravelSF – Oh My!

Laracon 2014
is invading New York City on May 15-16th and we’re calling all Artisans!

Laravel is a modern PHP framework built for large enterprise applications as well as simple JSON APIs. It’s possible to write powerful controllers or slim RESTful routes. Laravel is the perfect framework for jobs of all sizes. Continue reading “Laracon, Laracast, LaravelSF – Oh My!” will be at GopherCon (Apr 24th-26th)

GopherCon 2014 is a sponsor of GopherCon and we’ll have several of our team in attendance. The conference is in Denver, CO and runs from April 24-26.

We jumped in early as a sponsor as we’re a big user of Go and we’re glad we did. The attendance will be off the charts as the latest count approaches 750 people.

Continue reading “ will be at GopherCon (Apr 24th-26th)” Drinkup – Booze Queues’ Edition

In keeping with all the love going around today, wanted to let you know about an Drinkup we’re hosting with our friends at Keen IO next week (Wed, Feb 19th). It’ll be at our offices at Heavybit. In keeping with the theme, here are details in the form of some JSON. Drink up. Continue reading “ Drinkup – Booze Queues’ Edition”

Go Sessions: Teaching Go to Experienced Devs (via GoSF)

As a result of the growing interest in Go, Travis Reeder and other GoSF organizers have decided to create a program within GoSF to teach Go programming concepts and fundamentals. We’re calling them Go Sessions and they consist of evening guided pair-programming sessions. Continue reading “Go Sessions: Teaching Go to Experienced Devs (via GoSF)”