IronMQ Now Available on Rackspace ORD (Chicago)

We’re happy to announce that IronMQ is now available in the Rackspace Chicago (ORD) region. A year and a half ago, we launched IronMQ on Rackspace in their Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW) region and today we’re expanding our footprint into another Rackspace data center.

Our mission for IronMQ is to be the message queue for the cloud, meaning we want to make it the best MQ around and make it available everywhere. Adding the Rackspace ORD region brings us one step closer to accomplishing that mission. Continue reading “IronMQ Now Available on Rackspace ORD (Chicago)”

Game of Nines – Uptime Report

The number one core tenet of is IronClad Reliability so we put a lot of time and effort into making our services reliable. It seems to have paid off. Our uptime for IronMQ was 100% for the past 30 days and 99.98% for the past 6 months.

For comparison, “Gmail uptime is in the range of 99.99 percent – meaning the average user experiences about four minutes of downtime per month – and Amazon targets 99.95 percent for AWS.” [source] Continue reading “Game of Nines – Uptime Report”

Why Aren’t You Developing in the Cloud?


Cloud computing has completely altered software distribution. Traditionally, software licenses were purchased, installed and accessed on personal machines. Today, most applications are service based and accessible from any network connected device. E-mail, documents and even business applications have transitioned to SaaS applications and give users quicker access, more control and fewer dependencies compared to installable software.
Continue reading “Why Aren’t You Developing in the Cloud?” is now on Rackspace

We’re happy to announce that IronMQ, one of’s premier application services, is now included as a service within the Rackspace Cloud Tools program. We’re especially proud of this milestone because in addition to being multi-platform and multi-language, we are now also multi-cloud.

Continue reading “ is now on Rackspace”

Quintupled Capacity Over the Past Week

Over the past week, we have seen tremendous usage growth on SimpleWorker. Our queues were getting backed up and our poor little workers just couldn’t keep up. Well we threw some horsepower at the problem… lots of horsepower, and now we’re running smooth again. Sorry for those who had extra long wait times, we’re growing and learning how to do things better with each and every day. We plan to keep adding more and more capacity as we go so we can get to the point where large spikes in usage won’t affect other users.

Also, we will be introducing a new pricing tier (cheaper) for those who have workers that don’t need to be  timely, perfect for massive batch jobs like we were seeing this past week.