Using IronMQ for Delayed Processing and Increasing Scale (repost from Rackspace Blog)

Here’s a post of ours on using IronMQ to increase scale that recently appeared on the Rackspace Developers DevOps blog. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking to scale out background processing and quicken the user response loop. Continue reading “Using IronMQ for Delayed Processing and Increasing Scale (repost from Rackspace Blog)” Announces Agent Processing for Powering New Relic Plugins

Today announces powerful agent processing capabilities for powering third-party plugins for the New Relic Platform. New Relic has opened up its SaaS service to provide building blocks for creating monitoring capabilities for any technology or service. Performance metrics from IT components and cloud services can now be brought directly into New Relic and viewed alongside existing metrics and graphs. Continue reading “ Announces Agent Processing for Powering New Relic Plugins” Metrics + New Relic Platform = Increased Nerd Power

Part 1: Metrics now in the New Relic Platform is pleased to announce its participation as a New Relic Platform partner. As of today, has opened up a gateway for customers to send IronMQ performance data to the New Relic Platform. This means that metrics can be viewed within New Relic’s dashboard, allowing all app-critical information to be on hand in one location. Developers win because they get increased simplicity and availability of data as well as easier and faster ability to manage and scale their applications. Continue reading “ Metrics + New Relic Platform = Increased Nerd Power”

SendGrid + IronMQ: The Power of Webhook-Centric Architectures

A suite of examples showcasing the power
of webhooks using and SendGrid.

At, we believe strongly that there is a new model of application architectures that is becoming not only viable, but the most powerful way to build your application.

More and more applications will be built not using static servers and direct integrations, but instead using workers that come into existence when you need them and shut down when they’re no longer necessary.

Continue reading “SendGrid + IronMQ: The Power of Webhook-Centric Architectures” Joins OpenStack to Drive Open Cloud Message Queues is now an OpenStack supporter. This may not appear all that unusual – given the top companies originally behind the initiative plus the growing numbers joining – but it is noteworthy for a cloud services company. 
Continue reading “ Joins OpenStack to Drive Open Cloud Message Queues” + OpenShift : PaaS 2.0 for the Enterprise is pleased to announce we are now a developer partner on OpenShift.

OpenShift is Red Hat’s auto-scaling Platform as a Service (PaaS). Red Hat has a rich history when it comes to technology and large IT systems and, with OpenShift, they’re on a serious path to make history happen again, this time in the world of cloud computing.

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StackMob + : Joins the StackMob Marketplace is in the StackMob Marketplace! The marketplace was released today and is a big step forward in world of mobile development. It promises to make it even easier for developers to build and scale mobile and tablet apps.

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IronMQ + EngineYard


We’re pleased to announce IronMQ is now a preferred add-on on the Engine Yard platform.

IronMQ joins IronWorker on Engine Yard to let developers do even bigger things with their applications by providing industrial-strength ways to scale out processing and pass messages between independent processes.
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Powerful Email Infrastructure with IronWorker, ActionMailer, and SendGrid

Against most predictions, email has stood the test of time and remains one of the most common and effective forms of communication. This is particularly true in the world of web applications where the flow of information from app to user is constant.

Ruby on Rails is one of the leading stack choices for building web applications, and ActionMailer is the goto MVC method that allows the app to interact with an SMTP server to deliver email. ActionMailer combined with a great SMTP delivery service like SendGrid, lets developers quickly and easily deliver email from inside their apps.
Continue reading “Powerful Email Infrastructure with IronWorker, ActionMailer, and SendGrid” is a cloudControl Add-on

cloudControl has teamed with to make IronWorker and IronMQ supported add-ons within the cloudControl platform. cloudControl is one of the leading cloud platforms in Europe with thousands of energetic developers building applications and making heavy use of cloud resources and cloud services. fits perfectly into this picture.