Rate Limiting Your Workers to Play Nicer with Other API’s

Many third party API’s have rate limits to ensure you don’t overuse or DoS them. Twitter for instance has the following rate limits:

  • Unauthenticated calls are permitted 150 requests per hour. Unauthenticated calls are measured against the public facing IP of the server or device making the request.
  • OAuth calls are permitted 350 requests per hour and are measured against the oauth_token used in the request.

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IronWorker and IronMQ now on AppFog

Today, we’re happy to announce that IronMQ and IronWorker are now included as supported add-ons for AppFog. We are very excited about this partnership because we share in the AppFog vision of creating fast, scalable and reliable applications in the cloud.
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IronWorker Goes Multi-Language! Now Supports Ruby, PHP and Python


Today marks a big milestone in the evolution if IronWorker: multi-language support. In addition to Ruby which we’ve supported from day one, we now support PHP and Python with more languages on the way. Which means if you’re using any one of those languages, you now have easy access to massive computing power. (boom)
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Iron.io: Ironclad Cloud Application Services

It’s with great pleasure that we present to you our new brand and website, Iron.io. As a cloud application services provider, our goal is to eliminate having to worry about managing and scaling complex infrastructure.  Instead we want developers to focus on building great applications.
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IronWorker has a Shiny New Gem and a Shiny New API

Version 2 of the SimpleWorker API is now available featuring many new functions, a bunch of new documentation, and not to mention it is a LOT faster and more robust as it is has been rewritten from the ground up. And all this comes along with a shiny new Ruby gem.

The new gem uses the new API and here’s the benefits to you:
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Start Your Engines! SimpleWorker is now an Engine Yard Partner

Engine Yard has been hosting, deploying, managing and scaling Rails applications since before the “cloud” was cool and they’re still doing it, better than ever and with more “cloud” than ever. And as of this week, we’re happy and proud to be one of their Platform Services partners.


If you’re using Engine Yard and need scalable, elastic background processing and scheduling services for your application, be sure to give us a try!

New Release: Job Fairness, More Generic Backend and New Gem

Hi all, we pushed out a major new release a couple of nights ago and it is a big step forward in a couple of areas:  fairness amongst all users in the system and a more generic backend to allow any Ruby code to run, more on that below.
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Quintupled Capacity Over the Past Week

Over the past week, we have seen tremendous usage growth on SimpleWorker. Our queues were getting backed up and our poor little workers just couldn’t keep up. Well we threw some horsepower at the problem… lots of horsepower, and now we’re running smooth again. Sorry for those who had extra long wait times, we’re growing and learning how to do things better with each and every day. We plan to keep adding more and more capacity as we go so we can get to the point where large spikes in usage won’t affect other users.

Also, we will be introducing a new pricing tier (cheaper) for those who have workers that don’t need to be  timely, perfect for massive batch jobs like we were seeing this past week.