Beyond The Hype: The Internet of Things

Internet-of-Things-On-Demand-WebinarThe buzz surrounding the Internet of Things shows no signs of subsiding. At the same time, its potential has grown expediently. This appears to be one case where what is delivered will dwarf the hype. But, what does this mean for you and me?

Though the media and analysts talk about enabling Internet data in previously unconnected devices, many people have trouble visualizing exactly what that means. Continue reading “Beyond The Hype: The Internet of Things”

Squashing Bugs in The Cloud: How Airbrake uses IronMQ v3

By Reed Allman, Backend Engineer,

Ah, message queues.

Last year we set out to build a better message queue, both for our internal use and to run as a service for customers. If you’ve ever looked into message queues yourself, you’ll know they’re all different, and, conveniently, none of them are ever quite what you need. We hope we’ve found a sweet spot, and we’ll even run it for you. After over a year of being in production, we decided it was time to grab a mic and hit the streets. Or email. Definitely just email. Have ya seen the streets in SF?

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IronMQ v3 is 10x Faster than RabbitMQ

mideast-iran-asiatic-_horo-2NEWLast year, we announced IronMQ v3, which was rewritten from the ground up to focus on performance and easy deployment/management for on premise installations. Since then, we’ve put all of our highest volume customers on it, some doing billions of requests per day, and nobody has hit the limits yet.

As our technology continues to evolve, it’s important that we continue to measure and benchmark. Here are the results of benchmarks we’ve run comparing IronMQ to RabbitMQ. Continue reading “IronMQ v3 is 10x Faster than RabbitMQ”

How to Power Intelligent Traffic Systems with IronMQ

edeva-ironio-blogSweden-based Edeva AB develops and markets intelligent traffic systems. Their product Actibump is a dynamic speed bump called Actibump that makes it possible to control the accessibility, flow and speed of traffic in a way not possible with static speed bumps.
Actibump consists of one or more road modules that are mounted into a cast foundation and a radar unit that transmits information to a central control system. The road modules raise and lower in response to vehicle speed and are controlled and monitored over the Internet. Continue reading “How to Power Intelligent Traffic Systems with IronMQ”

An Easier Way to Create Tiny Golang Docker Images

Docker_Golang_IronAtlassian just posted a blog post about creating Static Go binaries with Docker on OSX which shows how to make a tiny little Docker image (~6MB total) with your Go program inside. When I read it, I thought “this is cool… but way too complicated”. I’ve been using Docker a lot lately and knew there had to be an easier way. Here is that way. Continue reading “An Easier Way to Create Tiny Golang Docker Images”

Going (Almost) Serverless with

The NoisyTwit App

This is a guest post by Dieter Van der Stock, a full-stack developer in Antwerp, Belgium. In it, he talks about his experience building NoisyTwit and how the combination of HTML/JavaScript, PHP,, and made for a simple but scalable solution. 

Modern app development doesn’t need to be complicated as this post details. Continue reading “Going (Almost) Serverless with” Joins Red Hat’s OpenShift Marketplace

The OpenShift Marketplace is pleased to announce its IronMQ and IronWorker solutions are part of the OpenShift Marketplace. The marketplace is an important component to Red Hat’s OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in that it lets developers combine the benefits of enterprise PaaS with tightly integrated, complementary solutions – all without losing time on technology integration. Continue reading “ Joins Red Hat’s OpenShift Marketplace”

Support Forum Back Up (Tender Support +1)

Notice: April 17th 1:37pm PT

TenderApp has resolved their issues and The SimpleWorker Support Forum and Knowledgebase is back online.

Turns out the problem wasn’t a DDOS issue. They had a critical issue on a server. Sunday morning so compounded the issue. Here’s a tweet on it.
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Support Issue

Notice: Sunday, April 17th, 8:40am PT

A third-party service we use for handling support is having difficulties this morning. We’re looking into the issue. What we’ve been able to determine at this point is that is they may be a victim of some DDOS attacks targeting one of their clients.

We believe it should be back up shortly. In the meantime, if you need to contact us, feel free to connect directly via the following email:

info (at)

Pushed 0.3.0 Gem: Much More User Friendly

After using SimpleWorkr for a long time now, I always think to myself, “there’s gotta be some way to make this more intuitive”. I want it to feel more like it’s just like running your normal code without even really realizing that the work is actually offloaded to the cloud. So with that in mind, the gem now has a much more intuitive usage pattern, more like ActiveRecord.
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