IronSharp — .NET Client Library for (a contribution from a user)

IronSharp is a great new contribution from a long-time supporter and user of IronMQ, IronWorker, and IronCache.

Jeremy Bell created IronSharp to provide updated access in .NET to all services. It’s a simple solid library that wraps the API calls for IronMQ, IronWorker, and IronCache and includes support for the latest features. (It also has a great logo and GitHub page.) Continue reading “IronSharp — .NET Client Library for (a contribution from a user)”

Event Handling with .NET, RaventDB, and IronMQ

The other day we blogged about a map-reduce contribution from the community. Here’s another great contribution from an user which highlights handling commit transactions within a database all the while coordinating downstream events using a message queue. 

Jef Claes is a developer in Belgium that has written a few things about IronMQ in the past (here and here). His latest blog post addresses maintaining eventual consistent domain events using RavenDB and IronMQ. It’s a short post but a good rundown on how to maintain consistency when transactions involved multiple distributed systems. Continue reading “Event Handling with .NET, RaventDB, and IronMQ”

.NET Just Got Some Iron Behind It

IronWorker now supports .NET so you can run .NET code at scale. Let your .NET workers process big data, send massive notifications, collect data from API’s, schedule tasks, etc. All in the cloud, no servers required.

Here’s a quick Hello Worker example so you can see how easy it is to get started.
Continue reading “.NET Just Got Some Iron Behind It”