Helpful hints: Pre-commit

Get going with pre-commit (video)

I had a lot of fun sharing pre-commit with everyone earlier this week. In case you missed it, here’s a link. As a follow up, I whipped together a quick How-To video.

In it, you’ll follow along as I add a pre-commit hook to a brand new Node.js project. Init a git repo locally, and you can the same as you watch. I’ll take you through adding the initial config, picking your hook, and testing to make sure pre-commit works. Continue reading “Helpful hints: Pre-commit”

Notes from Gotham Go

Notes from Gotham Go
Thanks to Anthony Quintano for the base image! CC BY 2.0

Last week, I had the pleasure of joining gophers at Gotham Go. It was a incredibly dense single day of information. What follows is a quick impression of each talk, along with links to more detailed material. Special thanks to Peggy Li for tossing her notes on github!

UPDATE: VODs are appearing online now. You can view these talks on Youtube.

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