IronMQ v3 is 10x Faster than RabbitMQ

mideast-iran-asiatic-_horo-2NEWLast year, we announced IronMQ v3, which was rewritten from the ground up to focus on performance and easy deployment/management for on premise installations. Since then, we’ve put all of our highest volume customers on it, some doing billions of requests per day, and nobody has hit the limits yet.

As our technology continues to evolve, it’s important that we continue to measure and benchmark. Here are the results of benchmarks we’ve run comparing IronMQ to RabbitMQ. Continue reading “IronMQ v3 is 10x Faster than RabbitMQ”

How Omaze Delivers Once in a Lifetime Experiences Using and Rackspace DevOps

Blow Sh*t Up with Arnold Schwarzenegger … Be Drawn Into an Episode of the Simpsons … Celebrate the Patriots Victory with Rob Gronkowski.

These aren’t even bucket list items, these are unattainable items. That is, until Omaze gets involved. Omaze is an organization that was founded to drive significantly more money and awareness for deserving causes through the chance to live out dream experiences.

Charities offer up personalized events with their celebrity partners where everyone has the chance to win by donating to the cause. Each experience offers a range of reward levels from signed t-shirts to personalized Skype sessions to Twitter mentions, and once the experience is placed up on the Omaze site, the countdown begins to the winner of the grand prize. The growing number of high profile celebrities participating to provide such unique opportunities begs the question – what’s your dream experience?

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Hubble Gets Lean With Microservices and

As microservices continues to spread through the industry as a dominant pattern for building modern cloud applications, marquee examples from large-scale companies such as Netflix and Twitter may appear daunting to companies still on a growth path. When powering through agile cycles to release new features at a rapid pace, the last thing on your mind is maintainability. Well, maybe not the last thing, but it is a lesser concern.

It’s rare to have the foresight to recognize future bottlenecks early on, so when we came across a series of blog posts by Tom Watson, the CTO and Co-founder of Hubble who did just that, we took notice and had a quick chat to discuss his experiences. As it turns out, taking a moment to reflect on how things scale as they grow actually put them in a position to release features quicker and more effectively by injecting a lean methodology of focused microservices development patterns and operations.

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Roam Directories Goes Serverless With and Other Cloud Services

Users expect immediate access to information, and this expectation is no different in the commercial real estate industry. Fast-moving companies need innovative web tools that enable property managers to upload, update and exchange building information with prospective tenants.

Roam Directories, founded in 2013, is a relatively new company in an industry filled with established firms. They created a commercial real estate directory that provides unique and engaging experiences for prospective tenants, while empowering property managers to deliver a rich set of materials that provide an enhanced view of a property.

To make this possible, Roam Directories built the Atlas directory, an interactive, digital touchscreen display that shows building tenants, visitors, and prospective tenants up-to-date photos, videos, architectural drawings, and other materials about the building they are visiting. The Atlas interface design and workflow that Roam Directories created for property managers is a big part of their success. Also key is the way they address process automation and IT infrastructure management to keep information up to date. The combination gives them fast innovation and reduced costs that lets Roam Directories offer the Atlas service at a highly competitive price.

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Why Large Scale Drupal Users Need To Increase Application Responsiveness

We’re always pleased to receive stories about how products have helped make peoples’ lives easier. This is the story about how Schwartz Media from the land down under, addressed the challenging task of managing and deploying multiple Drupal sites on the Pantheon platform.

Owen Kelly is the Director of Technology at Schwartz Media, publisher of The Saturday Paper, the Monthly and Quarterly Essay. Owen and his team brought IronMQ into their Pantheon-based framework to manage Push queues for processing PHP jobs. These jobs perform a variety of tasks, all processing in the background.

Continue reading “Why Large Scale Drupal Users Need To Increase Application Responsiveness” Releases Enhanced Security Package – IP Whitelisting, VPN, and VPC Support is pleased to announce the release of an enhanced security package for our IronMQ and IronWorker platforms. This package includes access to virtual IP addresses and support for virtual private networks (VPN) and virtual private clouds (VPC).


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Smart Endpoints. Smart Pipes. Smarter Microservices.

This is the second post in a series on microservices. Read our previous post on the service computing environment: The Ephemeral Life of Dockerized Microservices.

The use of microservices is a growing trend in application development because it provides an answer to the overhead incurred by monolithic applications. The practice of breaking apart application components into independent services introduces more moving parts to manage, however, requiring a robust communication method in order to keep services and data in sync. The idea is to decouple services without derailing your application.

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How to Build an ETL Pipeline for ElasticSearch Using Segment and

ETL is a common pattern in the big data world for collecting and consolidating data for storage and/or analysis. Here’s the basic process:

  • Extract data from a variety of sources
  • Transform data through a set of custom processes
  • Load data to external databases or data warehouses

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Message Queues for Buffering: An IronMQ and Python Case Study

Using IronMQ and Python to as a Buffer between Systems

Connecting systems and moderating data flows between them is not an easy task. Message queues are designed for just this purpose – buffering data between systems so that each can operate independently and asynchronously.

Here’s a short article on using IronMQ to buffer a CMS system from real estate data from a listing service. The app developer uses Python for the bridge code between the service and the CMS system. Continue reading “Message Queues for Buffering: An IronMQ and Python Case Study” adds as an endpoint for message queueing + = Integration Goodness

IronMQ has just been added as an endpoint for message queueing within provides a single gateway that lets developers, marketers, and analysts pipe logs, metrics, user actions, and other key app data to hundreds of other applications and tools.

The API acts as a control for other analytics tools, allowing developers to integrate one single API in place of many. Continue reading “ adds as an endpoint for message queueing”