Amazon SQS Alternatives

Amazon Simple Queue Service, often called Amazon SQS, is a message queuing service that helps decouple microservices, containerized applications, and distributed systems, allowing developers to eliminate complexities and connect processes that need to collaborate and communicate with one another.

Here's a look at Amazon SQS alternatives, including the lightning fast IronMQ. Schedule a demo to make a complete comparison.

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IronMQ is a lightning-fast solution offering the scalability, flexibility, and availability you'd expect from a major provider, all while bundling in the functionality you'd often need a third party to provide. IronMQ features an intuitive dashboard along with push, pull, and long-polling support bundled into a serverless and SaaS-friendly product. These things make Iron one of the best Amazon SQS alternatives.

Persistent by design, IronMQ reduces errors and improves deliverability. Plus, you get to choose between an endpoint-to-endpoint or publish-subscribe pattern to ensure your message queue perfectly meets your needs, no matter how many connections, publishers, subscribers, or messages you need. All of that, and you'll enjoy built-in analytics and reporting so you can always monitor the health and performance of your applications without the need for another service.

Amazon SQS and SNS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a suite of cloud solutions for businesses. If you are looking for a fully managed message queuing service, Amazon SQS is sure to come up in your search. AWS SQS features many Amazon-powered services, like Amazon SNS.

The Simple Notification Service, sometimes referred to as Amazon MQ, makes big promises, asserting reliable delivery and elastic scaling. SNS can integrate with other AWS services, like the Amazon Key Management System to encrypt sensitive messages within the queue. There are countless use cases for a managed service like the SQS queue, but it's not the right fit for everyone.

Amazon SQS has many downsides. First and foremost, scaling can come at a high cost since pricing is based on a pay-per-use system. Each queue also has a fixed timeout, which can add to processing time since the environment needs to be reset and broken down after so much time has passed between requests. Choosing between standard and FIFO queues can also be tough, since you're choosing between speed, high availability, and high throughput tradeoffs. This, along with other cons, leads many teams to search for Amazon SQS alternatives.

HTTPS/Rest-based APIs make for efficient cloud use, but you can also deploy on-premises or in a shared environment based on your needs. Easily migrate when it comes time, without worrying about interruptions or lost data. If that sounds like the right fit, schedule a demo to see it in action. Serverless Tools

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RabbitMQ is an open source message broker solution and the most widely deployed option on the market. RabbitMQ is lightweight and can be easily deployed either on-premises or in the cloud.

With multiple messaging protocols to choose from, RabbitMQ allows you to customize a solution that meets your needs. Run it across operating systems or in any cloud environment, with the ability to work in the most popular development languages.


Apache touts ActiveMQ as one of the more popular Amazon SQS alternatives. It's open source, Java-based, and multi-protocol. With support for industry-standard protocols, ActiveMQ users enjoy the ability to develop across a wide range of platforms and languages. Apache also makes it easy to integrate cross-platform applications and to handle web applications with ease.

ActiveMQ currently offers both its classic broker and its "next generation" broker, which is called Artemis. Flexible deployment options and easy enterprise-grade integration makes using ActiveMQ simple.


ZeroMQ is optimized for environments where high performance and low latency are requirements. This queue functions as a concurrency framework, providing sockets that can carry messages across multicast, TCP, inter-process, and in-process transports. Choose from pub/sub, point-to-point, fan-out, task distribution, and request-reply patterns to build the queue that works best for your business.

Fast and asynchronous, ZeroMQ is scalable while enabling developers to utilize a number of languages and operating systems. The result is a messaging queue that fits seamlessly into your tech stack.

WebSphere MQ

WebSphere MQ from IBM is a middleware product that, unlike many options on this list, isn't open source. With truly enterprise-grade capabilities, WebSphere MQ allows you to move massive amounts of data effortlessly between applications without worry of losing messages.

If an application isn't ready to receive a message or a service goes down, WebSphere MQ does not allow messages to be duplicated or lost. Instead, messages are secured in the queue until delivery is assured. WebSphere MQ touts its ability to deliver messages once, always once, and only once, while competitors may deliver twice or not at all

How Iron Can Help

Are you looking for Amazon SQS alternatives that fit your needs? If you've decided that SQS is too costly, too inflexible, or too complex for your needs, IronMQ has the right solution. Lightning fast and outperforming the likes of SQS and RabbitMQ, IronMQ offers the speed, persistence, and scalability you're searching for.

Reliably tie your distributed systems together and forget about the worry of lost or duplicate messages. IronMQ has automated failover with first-in, first-out, one-time delivery that will keep your queues running. Decouple dependencies and start seeing how a messaging queue can free up your applications, boost performance, and improve resource utilization across the board.

Ready to see what IronMQ can do? Schedule a demo today and see it perform for yourself.

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