Fastest Messaging Queue: IronMQ is 10x Faster Than RabbitMQ

Track Race Finish Line

We wrote IronMQ from the ground up as a cloud-agnostic message queue service with a focus on performance and easy deployment and management. Since its inception, we’ve put all our highest volume customers on it, some doing billions of message requests per day. As our technology continues to evolve, it’s important that we continue to measure our success…

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Google Cloud Functions Alternatives


For those who are yet unfamiliar, Google Cloud Functions is a serverless environment that is used by a wide variety of developers. It enables programmers to write simple functions and attach them to events related to their cloud infrastructure. It’s a fully managed environment, which means there is no need to allocate servers or other equipment in order for…

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Cloud Agnostic Architecture Strategies

cloud agnostic strategy

The landscape of business IT and computing has altered dramatically over the last few years. At least 91% of organizations have adopted the public cloud for a multitude of tasks. Public Cloud refers to cloud computing services such as storage, software, and virtual machines provided by third parties over the internet. Some of the biggest public cloud providers…

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Google Cloud Run Alternatives and Review

Google Cloud Run

Heads up IT professionals! Google Cloud Run is a new cloud computing platform and it is out of Beta that’s hot off the presses from Google, First announced at the company’s Google Cloud Next conference, April 2019 marked its remarkable birth. Google Cloud Run has generated a lot of excitement (and a lot of questions) among both tech journalists and…

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Parallel Asynchronous Processing: Emails & SMS Notifications Best Practices

email and sms notifications

Emails, texts, and other notifications are critical for engaging with customers. No matter what form they take – alerts, daily summaries, weekly updates, special notices, or monthly newsletters – emails and notifications keep your customers informed, provide them with core services, and help drive revenue. These notifications come in a growing number of formats delivered…

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Super Easy Batch Processing with Docker and IronWorker

docker logo

Batch processing means getting a lot of one type of task done all in one go, saving time, effort and money. There are many ways to do this, but businesses are always hunting for more efficient ways to do more without over-complicating their apps or business tools. Today, we’re going to look at how a user-friendly…

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Every Web Application Needs a Background Processing Queue

background jobs

Every web application has crucial tasks that need to run in the background. They run outside of the main web response loop, but ensure any number of critical jobs gets done to keep the web-based application running smoothly. This means end users enjoy an engaging app experience, without it grinding to a halt every time…

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Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service): Quick Overview and Tutorial

Amazon SQS

Now that’s quite a queue! Queues are a powerful way of combining software architectures. They allow for asynchronous communication between different systems, and are especially useful when the throughput of the systems is unequal.   Amazon offers their version of queues with Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service). For example, if you have something like: System A -…

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How To Build Your Own Docker Images


Thanks to Ugur Ceylan for the base image! CC BY 2.0 What’s with the Docker community’s love affair with Alpine Linux? Tiny containers mean more compute resources left over for actual… computing! Alpine Linux is particularly tiny. It says so, right on the tin: “Alpine Linux is a security-oriented, lightweight Linux distribution based.” Do you…

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Kafka vs. IronMQ: Comparison and Reviews


vs What is a Messaging System? Companies are now collecting and analyzing more information than ever before and using more and more applications to do it. According to an estimate by Skyhigh Networks, the average enterprise today uses 464 custom-built applications for their internal business processes. In particular, many of these applications require real-time updates and…

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