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Message queues determine how your network functions. But many networks' message queue infrastructures are surprisingly fragile. When one link on the chain fails, the entire system can function unexpectedly, or even fail outright.

To prevent these problems, you need to make sure your message queue is fail-safe -- and harnessing the power of the Cloud is one of the best ways to do this. Read on to learn why your message queue's proper function is so important, and how the Cloud can help you assure your network's integrity.


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The Importance of Your Message Queue

message queue is very different from your email inbox, or a comparable human message queue. It helps different components within a system communicate with each other, in ways that can affect the network's overall function and performance.

No matter what field you're in or what your network does, the different parts of your network constantly send messages to each other. These may be requests for information (such as long polling), error messages, alerts, triggers which cause a component to perform an action, task queues, and more.

These messages assure the normal function of your network and its components, and every message is important. If even one gets lost along the way, this can cause components to behave in unexpected ways.

This can be inconvenient at best, and in the cases of critical systems -- such as those monitoring the well-being of important components in heavy industry applications -- it can even be dangerous. For instance, if a sensor sends an alarm notification to a switch, saying the temperature in a given furnace is too hot, the switch may trigger a shutdown. But the message never gets through, that automated shutdown function may not occur.

Unfortunately, even brief interruptions in network connectivity can affect the overall integrity of your system. If these messages don't go through or are delayed, or if part of your system suffers some interruption and loses some or all of its message queue, this can be enough to upend your network's normal function.

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The Power of the Cloud

All of these problems pose unique challenges to system administrators. However, the advent of Cloud message storage and connectivity, through services like IronMQ, has transformed network administrators' ability to ensure the integrity and healthy functioning of their systems.

Companies who subscribe to IronMQ's service can host their message queues on's dedicated servers. Messages go to and from the queue hosts, rather than being stored locally. Because's network is fully redundant, and the company is committed to ensuring the continuous uptime of these servers, your network has a fail-safe message queue -- without you investing thousands of dollars into your digital infrastructure.

IronMQ's Cloud-based servers also offer many functionalities other message queue software doesn't. For instance, IronMQ offers Webhook support, and can create push queues to cause components to perform various tasks. The system offers a human-readable dashboard, and full reporting and analytics. Plus, for networks where security is an issue, IronMQ allows client-side implementation.

When a network suffers the loss of some or all messages from a queue, this can negatively affect the network's components' function, in ways that can even be dangerous in certain settings. By relying on a Cloud-based message queue service like IronMQ, you can rest assured that all your network's messages will get through.


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