Monitor Azure Kubernetes Service With Datadog

Monitor Azure Kubernetes Service With Datadog

Many developers turn to AKS to help them manage and scale Kubernetes clusters. Datadog now integrates with AKS, hoping to bring improved visibility to those operating on AKS infrastructure with minimal configuration. As a third-party service, Datadog integrates with multiple platforms, all with the goal of revealing metrics and useful insights to make cross-platform infrastructure easier to handle.

While Datadog's microservices look to offer an external solution to analytics, IronWorker helps tie distributed workflows together with a suite of tools located in a single platform. Learn more about how IronWorker can close the visibility gaps in your business.

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What is AKS?

Microsoft's Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) is a managed platform that enables developers to easily configure, run, and scale their clusters using the open-source Kubernetes engine. It's not unlike the offerings of Amazon Web Services (AWS), and, in fact, AKS is a direct competitor.

Available through the Microsoft Azure public cloud, AKS is a serverless Kubernetes environment that offers a CI/CD experience and enterprise-grade perks, like improved security and governance. Deploying docker containers takes mere minutes, and the robust interface will make any DevOps team happy.

With AKS, your development and operations teams can work together on one platform where they can take a deep dive into orchestration, quickly building and scaling applications with minimal setbacks. Yet, while it takes just moments to create new clusters using AKS, you may find that one thing is missing.

AKS is known for its functionality when it comes to running a cloud or hybrid ecosystem but has its limitations when it comes to analytics. With a lack of insights, many feel that AKS leaves them in the dark about important elements of the environment and its efficiency.

What is Datadog?

The value of AKS is widely acknowledged, and countless developers rely on it for their normal workflows. However, platforms like AKS have led to a visibility gap, and that's what Datadog aims to close. Datadog looks to bring observability to cloud platforms.

With a focus on analytics and security, Datadog seeks to integrate with the biggest platforms on the market today, including AKS, to help developers gain deeper insight into their resource consumption, traffic, and more.

After the initial setup, your Datadog account begins collecting metrics, requests, and logs from your AKS account and puts you at the helm of all of that data. By using the Autodiscovery feature, you can have the Datadog agent automatically track the services you're using in AKS, so it knows where to check every time it pulls new data.

Alternatively, you can opt for an all-in-one solution that doesn't require integrations with third-party apps to gain access to your analytics. Find out how with IronWorker Serverless Tools

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Why Use AKS and Datadog Together?

Datadog's biggest selling point is that you can integrate it with a variety of platforms, ultimately allowing you to track over 400 technologies from one dashboard. However, the power of Datadog lies in its ability to offer real-time information on your AKS clusters.

By automatically pulling info from the platform, ranging from resources like CPU usage to the Docker image or the Kubernetes pod, Datadog puts important metrics front-and-center for your containerized applications.

Using tags, you can easily search and filter the information that you're seeing in the Datadog dashboard. You can also look at individual containers or see an overview for your clusters. With container maps, you can gain a high-level overview of how your containers are doing. As clusters scale up and done, the container maps update to show those changes.

Overall, Datadog's tools make for a valuable platform, but do you need another third-party integration? If you're looking to gain improved visibility into your systems, it might be time to consider a new solution.

Monitor Azure Kubernetes Service With Datadog

How Iron Can Help

IronWorker is a hosted container solution designed to grow with your business. IronWorker helps to integrate your AKS with Datadog. Book a demo with us and let us show you how it's done.

As a serverless CaaS (Container as a Service) platform with flexible deployment options, IronWorker puts the power into the hands of your business. A powerful background job solution combines with in-depth analytics, so that you don't need third-party integrations just to gain access to your meaningful metrics.

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