Monitor ECS Applications on AWS Fargate With Datadog

Monitor ECS Applications on AWS Fargate With Datadog

Datadog and AWS Fargate together allow users to collect real-time, detailed ECS metrics about the containerized tasks they run. With Datadog Autodiscovery, you can even autodetect containerized services that use Fargate to configure the Datadog Agent for those services with no API or manual changes necessary.

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Monitor ECS Applications on AWS Fargate With Datadog

What is AWS Fargate?

Amazon Web Services, along known as AWS or AWS services, consists of a suite of DevOps tools. Fargate is one of them. Docker containers, the Kubernetes engine, and Amazon Cloudwatch are all likely to come to mind when you hear AWS or Fargate.

AWS Fargate enables users to run applications using the Amazon Elastic Container Service. If you're using AWS Fargate, you probably already know that the platform supports both Amazon ECS (AWS ECS) and EKS workloads. Creating ECS tasks and managing agent containers is easy within Fargate.

Since it's all in the cloud, users don't have to manage the infrastructure to support their applications. Orchestration and scaling is simplified and automated. Troubleshooting is simplified thanks to a variety of docs and tutorials covering docker images, container definitions, environment variables, and other crucial config options for application containers within Fargate. Log configuration, launch type, and compute resource options are also covered in-depth.

Fargate users can take their minds off of the hosts and infrastructure that goes into setting up and maintaining these workloads. Instead, users can define containerized tasks, set the requirements for CPU and memory usage, and launch their applications without the need to manually manage ECS clusters or create EC2 instances.

Monitor ECS Applications on AWS Fargate With Datadog

What is Datadog?

As a type of Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tool, Datadog gives Fargate users better visibility into the applications they're running. As a monitoring and security platform, Datadog provides metrics, logs, and end-to-end traces to make your applications and the third-party services they run on more observable. When using Datadog, the goal is to reduce downtime, improve security, and help ensure your users have the best experience.

Integrating Datadog and Fargate will unlock a handful of metrics, enabling users to better track how they're utilizing resources for their various tasks. Datadog also reveals network performance metrics with logs showing dropped packets, network errors, and traffic. Other tools, like the Continuous Profiler from Datadog, reveals code-level performance information. Of course, this combo is far from the only solution on the market.

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Why Use AWS Fargate and Datadog Together?

The AWS integration with Datadog is fairly straightforward, but it does require setup from within your AWS account using the Datadog API key.

In order to use Fargate and DatadogHQ together, start by deploying the containerized Datadog Agent on Fargate. This requires version 1.4.0 or greater. Once registered, you can run the Datadog Agent just like any other Fargate cluster. It only takes a few minutes to get this integration setup and, almost immediately, you can head to the Datadog Containers page and view all of your Fargate containers.

Integrating Datadog with Fargate makes it easy to search and filter your containers, viewing them one-by-one or seeing an overview of the metrics. If you configure Autodiscovery, Datadog will automatically find new containers and start tracking metrics about all of your Fargate tasks in your dashboard, too.

If you're worried about jumping back-and-forth between Amazon FireLens and Datadog when viewing your metrics, Datadog even has native support for FireLens that will help centralize your logging. Of course, one of the best ways to simplify your tech stack and improve visibility is to opt for one platform that offers you multiple solutions.

Monitor ECS Applications on AWS Fargate With Datadog

How Iron Can Help

Iron is a Containers as a Service (CaaS) platform offering flexible, reliable, and highly scalable serverless tools to help you deploy and monitor all of your containerized applications. Iron helps integrate Datadog with your AWS services, building out an easy-to-manage integration.

With Iron, your business will enjoy greater visibility into key metrics without the need for third-party integrations.

Choose from shared, dedicated, hybrid, or on-premise deployment and configure Iron so it's a perfect-fit solution or your company. Schedule a demo to learn more.

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