Built with a microservices architecture and utilizing Docker containers, has transformed the way job processing is built and deployed. Architects and developers benefit from the microservices approach that separates components into discrete functional elements or individual services. This model reduces complexity, while increasing scalability. Smaller, more granular compute services which can be developed and deployed independently are easier to maintain, repair, and update. is language agnostic for greater flexibility when developing and deploys on any cloud or hydrid for flexibility and control of enterprise applications. When managed or hosted services are included, developers have a true serverless experience.

The Platform is a serverless app platform empowering Enterprise to reliably scale their Docker-based jobs on any cloud, public, private, or on-premises. Platform Components


IronWorker provides the muscle for modern applications by efficiently isolating the code and dependencies of individual tasks to be processed on demand. Run in a multi-language containerized environment with streamlined orchestration, IronWorker gives you the flexibility to power any task in parallel at massive scale.


IronMQ is the glue that ties distributed systems together by providing a reliable way to communicate between services and components. Highly available, persistent by design, with best-effort one-time delivery, IronMQ is the most industrial strength, cloud-native solution for your modern application architecture.


IronCache is an elastic and durable key/value store that’s perfect for applications that need to share state, pass data, and coordinate activity between processes and devices.


IronDashboard is a feature-rich administrative dashboard for configuration and monitoring processing solutions. Once your workers have been uploaded via the CLI, you can queue tasks, set schedules, and view important insights into their activity and performance.