Evolution of Application Development:
From Monolithic to Microservices

The cloud helped usher in a new era of scalable development that broke away from the traditional monolithic app. The next wave in modern application development takes things even further by tightening orchestration and isolating services.

The Iron.io Technology

Iron.io is an enterprise job processing system for building powerful job-based asynchronous software. Simply put: developers write jobs in any language using familiar tools like Docker, then trigger the code to run using Iron.io’s REST API, webhooks, or the built-in scheduler.

Whether the job runs once or millions of times per minute, the work is distributed across clusters of “workers” that can be easily deployed to any public or private cloud, in-house datacenter, or even a laptop.

Origin Story

Iron.io was founded in 2010 by Chad Arimura and Travis Reeder after a client from their Apoxy consulting business encouraged them to transform their service into a product. That customer, Jonathan Siegel, became the company’s first investor.

In 2011, Chad and Travis created the first version of IronWorker, the core of the Iron.io platform, with a focus on making job processing faster and easier.

From its inception, the core tenets that guide the company have remained:

  • Be Reliable
    In our technology and ourselves.
  • Customer Love
    Go the extra mile. Win through WOW service.
  • Pursue Growth
    Every customer and employee has the right to pursue their dreams. We must always look to enable this journey and remove obstacles from the path.
  • Be Honest and Open
    To each other and our customers.
  • Track and Measure
    If it’s not tracked, it can’t be optimized.
  • Have Fun
    It’s the journey.

Flash Forward to Today

With its core technical focus and guiding tenets in place, Iron.io’s customer base has steadily grown, while its technology has continued to evolve. Today, Iron.io is fortunate to have among its customers some of the world’s most innovative Enterprises.

Customers leverage Iron.io to:

  • Process Files/Data faster Faster business decisions
  • Deploy faster Faster time to market
  • Iterate quicker Increase innovation
  • Gain workload control Reduce risk, increase security

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