Solutions provides comprehensive job processing solutions, greater flexibility and control to build and scale apps solutions deliver API-driven workload management, while allowing Enterprises the flexibility and control to determine where they will deploy job processing and to use their existing security processes. Easy-to-deploy and industrial-strength, solutions provide out-of-the-box microservices tailored to large volumes of data in a highly concurrent model. solutions – for data processing, file processing and extract, transform, load (ETL) – combined with a rich feature set, empower enterprises to reliably scale their Docker-based jobs on any cloud, including hybrid environments. for Data Processing

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How it works

Three Solution Patterns solutions deliver roadmaps and best practices for developers to create scalable, streamlined job processing. Its comprehensive solutions support the entire workflow lifecycle, enabling customers to save time by scaling from the start, improve reliability by eliminating single points of failure and gain greater agility. And to this, the ability to deploy job processing in a hybrid environment, and is unque in meeting the requirements of today’s enterprise.