GopherFest 2015

On Tuesday evening at the GopherFest 2015 meetup, I had the privilege of speaking alongside Andrew Gerrand, Rob Pike (the creator of Go!) and Steve Francia. If you missed the talks, check out the full recording above. The slides for my talk are on SlideShare. Also, Hakka Labs will be releasing an edited recording of the meetup, which I’ll post here when it’s ready.

First, I want to thank everyone who watched the talks. The Go community is amazing. The in-person turnout of over 300 was incredible, and more than 1,800 people around the world watched the live stream!

My talk was about concurrency in Go. I’d like to expand on what I talked about here.

Concurrency is one of Go’s most significant assets. It’s true that many languages have concurrency primitives, and many even have concurrency frameworks built on top of their primitives to make things more convenient. In fact, writing concurrent code without using a framework is practically impossible in some languages.

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