Case Study: OutCast – A Mobile App for Marine Weather Forecasts

We recently joined the OutCast team to chat about their app! What does it do, how does it work, and why is it so dang popular?

OutCast is a mobile weather and marine forecast application that is used by boaters, fishermen, divers, and other marine users to stay in touch with local weather and water conditions. What started as a personal project for the creators – Ed Gonzalez and William Kennedy from Ardan Studios – has turned into a well-regarded and essential app even among professionals who spend most of their time on the water. brings together all the data that is needed to view and forecast marine conditions in a convenient and intuitive format. Whereas some weather apps may provide basic tidal information, the Outcast app goes many steps further by including real-time data from observation stations, buoys, radar imagery, air quality metrics, and more to provide a more complete picture of what’s happening in marine environments.

outcast dot io

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