Worker Dynos vs Worker add-ons

worker dynos vs worker add-ons

Heroku is a cloud platform offered as a service. It lets you deploy and manage applications without worrying about the infrastructure. Heroku is a polyglot platform that supports most of the standard frameworks and languages like Python, Java, Node.js, Ruby, etc. Heroku uses the Git version control system as the primary way of deploying applications. …

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IronWorker vs. Dynos


Overview Architecture: IronWorker is a hosted job processing solution that lets you manage container-based workloads. Dynos are isolated Linux containers in Salesforce Heroku that facilitate code based on various commands. Purpose: Use dynos to execute code for specific commands. Use IronWorker to manage and schedule these containers. Scalability: Both IronWorker and dynos scale but in different ways.…

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