Work queue with Go and IronMQ

Work Queue with Go and IronMQ Setting up a work queue is ideal for a system where background jobs often take longer than an average HTTP request, whether they are at risk of timeout or simply eating away at efficiency. By maintaining a queue of work or tasks, new work can be pushed into the…

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GopherFest Summer 2016 Recap

Hundreds of Go enthusiasts gathered at the prestigious Bently Reserve in downtown San Francisco for a day full of talks about data science, scaling, testing, speed, code reuse and refactoring, all in the context of Golang. Below, a write-up of a few selected talks: [wds id=”2″] Built for Snappiness by Blake Mizerany @bmizerany When I…

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Best practices for ElePHPants coding in Go

Coding in PHP to GO

Thanks to Guido da Rozza for the base image CC BY 2.0 I’ve often coded in PHP. Recently, I realized that when I code in Go, it’s easier to spot my PHPisms. After weeks of cleaning them up, it only takes a day to fry my brain with them again. I’m sure I’m not the…

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An Easier Way to Create Tiny Golang Docker Images


Overview Atlassian just posted a blog post about creating Static Go binaries with Docker on OSX which shows how to make a tiny little Docker image (~6MB total) with your Go program inside. When I read it, I thought “this is cool… but way too complicated”. I’ve been using Docker a lot lately and knew…

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