FAQ Series: What is an overlord-minion architecture?


What do you do when even batch processing can’t save you? Yaron suggests giving the overlord-minion pattern a try.

The first step to speed is usually batch processing. All that’s needed there is a server + queue. When the server is ready to work, it grabs a batch of requests from the queue. This works well for most cases! But, what if the queue grows very large? Continue reading “FAQ Series: What is an overlord-minion architecture?”

Erin McKean on Master/slave vs Primary/replica

The master/slave debate Thanks to Vijayasarathi R. for the base image! CC BY 2.0

A couple months ago Drupal and Django switched from master/slave to new terminology. The goal was to adopt a term that’s more inclusive. When that happened, a big discussion kicked off around most of the Tech water coolers.

With inclusiveness as a hot topic today, we figured it’s a good time to fire the discussion up again. Iron.io has the good fortune of working in the same place as Erin McKean. Word nerd, crafty dress maker, and CEO / Developer for Wordnik.com.

We grabbed Erin to share some of her thoughts. What’s in a good method name? What’s the most confusing term in programming? What does it mean to move from master/slave?

Read on to find out!

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