Beanstalk vs IronMQ

  VS Overview Discover the five key differences between Beanstalk vs Iron.MQ: Language: Beanstalk is pure Python but using client libraries users can configure the message queue to operate using a fair amount of language options including Ruby, Rails, Java, JavaScript, Haskell and PHP. Iron.MQ supports all major programming languages without the added hassle. Performance:…

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Top 10 Uses For A Message Queue


Overview We’ve been working with, building, and evangelizing message queues for the last year, and it’s no secret that we think they’re awesome. We believe message queues are a vital component to any architecture or application, which is why we’ve put so much work into IronMQ. As you consider these 10 reasons, look into the ways…

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Batch Processing: A Tutorial on Workers, Queueing and Gelato

Batch processing is one of the earliest ways of data processing, utilized by Herman Hollerith’s Tabulating Machine in 1890. Batch processing was developed to take advantage of scarce computing resources: it avoids idling these expensive resources by queueing instructions to process data without manual user intervention, and can shift workload to times when resources are…

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