Launches on Pivotal Cloud Foundry Platform is proud to announce that IronMQ and IronWorker are now available as add-on services on Pivotal’s web-based Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) which is available at and runs the open source Cloud Foundry platform.

Run.pivotal provides app developers with a powerful option to rapidly deploy and scale new applications. The recent launch of Pivotal CF – a commercial distribution of Cloud Foundry from Pivotal that is deployable on VMware’s vSphere IAAS platform – adds an industrial-strength option for deploying applications on cloud infrastructure, providing choice for business owners who want a combination of on-premise, cloud and hybrid application hosting solutions. Continue reading “ Launches on Pivotal Cloud Foundry Platform”

More Go Use in Production (Pivotal CF)

Travis Reeder, co-founder and CTO, was at DevBeat 2013 on Tuesday talking about’s use of Go language for our API services and backend functionality. (We use Ruby and other languages for workers and our app framework but Go has a special place here for things that need to run fast and handle high throughputs.)

The audience, many of whom were coming up to speed on Go, had a lot of great questions. A surprising number of hands went up when asked about using Go. A lesser but still impressive number raised their hands when asked about Go in production. (At the GoSF meetup we organized last week, not surprisingly, half the group’s hands went up on that question.) Continue reading “More Go Use in Production (Pivotal CF)”