Queueing Emails With Python IronMQ and SendGrid

Queueing Emails With Python, Iron, and SendGrid

Are you sending emails from within a web app? If yes, you need to do so asynchronously or else you’ll block requests and prevent completion. Without the right solution, you’ll end up with additional, slow requests in order to construct the content of your emails, reducing productivity and impacting your efficiency. If you are seeking…

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Message Queues for Buffering: An IronMQ and Python Case Study

Using IronMQ and Python to as a Buffer between Systems Connecting systems and moderating data flows between them is not an easy task. Message queues are designed for just this purpose – buffering data between systems so that each can operate independently and asynchronously. Here’s a short article on using IronMQ to buffer a CMS…

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IronWorker Goes Multi-Language! Now Supports Ruby, PHP, and Python

  Today marks a big milestone in the evolution if IronWorker: multi-language support. In addition to Ruby which we’ve supported from day one, we now support PHP and Python with more languages on the way. Which means if you’re using any one of those languages, you now have easy access to massive computing power. (boom) This new…

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