IronMQ v3 is 10x Faster than RabbitMQ

mideast-iran-asiatic-_horo-2NEWLast year, we announced IronMQ v3, which was rewritten from the ground up to focus on performance and easy deployment/management for on premise installations. Since then, we’ve put all of our highest volume customers on it, some doing billions of requests per day, and nobody has hit the limits yet.

As our technology continues to evolve, it’s important that we continue to measure and benchmark. Here are the results of benchmarks we’ve run comparing IronMQ to RabbitMQ. Continue reading “IronMQ v3 is 10x Faster than RabbitMQ”

Cloud Messaging Protocol: AMQP vs HTTP

We saw a recent post from GitHub about removing the AMQP service from GitHub Services and passed it around the team as an item of interest. Got to talking later on that evening away from the keyboard and realized it has bigger meaning than just a side note.

Recent GitHub Blog Post

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