SAP TV Asks to Explain Microservices


Recently, SAP TV asked CEO and Co-founder Chad Arimura to explain mircoservices in 60 seconds. It was great to have Chad included in SAP’s “Meet the Innovators” series. We’re sharing the video with you here, not only because it is a concise explanation of microservices, but it’s clear from hearing Chad speak why all of us at are so excited about a future with teams of developers using microservices.

Enjoy the video! Launches New FAQ Video Series, we have been getting a lot of questions like “what is message queue?” and “how can IronMQ help my business?”  Although we’ve been more than happy to address these questions individually, we figured how great would it be to create a video series that touched on a lot of these frequently asked questions.  

Our very talented (and brave) sales engineer Yaron Sadka, took the time to sit down and explain some of these often heard questions.  Kick back and enjoy our first two videos of the series entitled What is a Queue? and What is a Message Queue Used For?.  
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