Best Practices and Anti-Patterns for Workers and MQs

Best Practices and anti-patterns for workers and message queues

Thanks to Ruth Hartnup for the base image! CC BY 2.0 If you’ve been programming for a while, it’s probable that someone, somewhere, has recommended the Gang of Four book. The book dissects Object Oriented programming. It lists numerous ways of royally messing things up, but it’s claim to fame is that it also lists…

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Message Queues & Workers: the Heart of Modern Infrastructure


Thanks to Sonny Abesamis for the base image! CC BY 2.0 Increasingly, message queues and workers are intertwined with the language of modern infrastructure. You might rely on explicit solutions like IronMQ or IronWorker. You might not. Whether you do or don’t is irrelevant: MQs and workers are in everything these days. MQs and workers…

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