Worker Dynos vs Worker add-ons

worker dynos vs worker add-ons

Heroku is a cloud platform offered as a service. It lets you deploy and manage applications without worrying about the infrastructure. Heroku is a polyglot platform that supports most of the standard frameworks and languages like Python, Java, Node.js, Ruby, etc. Heroku uses the Git version control system as the primary way of deploying applications. …

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Batch Processing: A Tutorial on Workers, Queueing and Gelato

Batch processing is one of the earliest ways of data processing, utilized by Herman Hollerith’s Tabulating Machine in 1890. Batch processing was developed to take advantage of scarce computing resources: it avoids idling these expensive resources by queueing instructions to process data without manual user intervention, and can shift workload to times when resources are…

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How to Bake Your Own Pi

Baking Your Own Pi

It’s 3/14, and that means it’s international Pi day! A day where we rejoice over the transcendental number that seems to be everywhere. So, why am I writing about pi on the blog? It turns out pi is the best (read: the absolute best!) way to test out computers. It’s sufficiently random, requires large…

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What is a Worker???


Today, sales engineer/teacher Yaron Sadka continues our FAQ video series by answering IronWorker related questions. In the following two videos he guides us through: What is a Worker? and What you use a Worker for? Stay posted for more of these FAQ video to come.  Click here if you have any questions or want to…

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