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11 Best Heroku Messaging Queue Add Ons

No system is perfect, and Heroku is no exception, but they do have a solution. The company offers a range of add ons to increase the use for their clients. These come from a number of outside connections and provide versatility and flexibility. If your apps or data storage systems need a little extra help, you’ll find it in these messaging queue add ons.

They’re designed to make your life simpler and create a better way to do the same things you’ve wasted time and energy on.

With so many options available, which is the right one? In this article, we’ll look at the best Heroku messaging queue add ons.

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CloudMQTT offers messaging between mobile devices and low power sensors. It can push messages from your device to whatever browser you need. The information is displayed in real time and it is so lightweight, you can use it easily, in embedded systems. You have three main modes available, including fire-and-forget, at-least-one, and exactly-once.



With a simple open source interface and managed SDK’s, PubNub is a good option for a message system. It offers mobile push notifications and is compliant with HIPAA guidelines. However, what really boosts interest in the product is security. PubNub offers TLS endpoint security, as well as encryption for messages, using AES 256 bit messages.

Pusher Channels

If you frequently update your systems, apps, and devices, you’ll need an add on that can ensure all of your pages, apps, and other system components are updated. That’s what Pusher Channels does. It provides constant syncing in real time and works on apps, PHP frameworks, web browsers, cloud functions and plenty more. It also allows for private channels to encourage maximum security.

Temporize Scheduler

Automation is the key to success in many online projects. Temporize Scheduler allows you to build your own job schedules to run automatically on a regular basis or on a one time basis. It’s designed to help you become more efficient. The add on is completely scalable and can be used for a few job schedules or for thousands of events.


Binnacle works with ActionCable to create a real time development environment quickly and easily. It also provides a mix of Web Push API, Web Sockets, and Notifications API, so your users will be able to use your products seamlessly. You can also simplify your messaging routing controls simply with Binnacle and eliminate all those annoying routing messages.

Iron.io Serverless Tools

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If you’re using RabbitMQ, CloudAMQP gives you a way to very simply set everything up. Instead of wasting valuable time and resources on server management. The add on also allows you to queue job messages as needed. The messages may be duplicated throughout various RabbitMQ modes, making it very easy to send out jobs. This messenger queue service is also open source, so anyone can add better functionality.

ACK Foundry

Once you have ACK Foundry set up, it will automatically update your Faktory server. This is a multi-lingual add on, so any language goes. You can also use any framework that you like to create message queues and processes.


With this add on, you will be able to send out as many push notifications as desired. There’s no limit and remote API allows you to send the push notifications from your server. Pushwoosh also allows you to send HTML pages with images, links, and even videos to the app. The add on is useful for those needing to send frequent and scheduled push notifications to their apps and users.


Ably is a Heroku add on that lets you broadcast to a vast audience in seconds. You can also manage message queues for servers, register devices so they appear for live chat or similar applications, and features a connection state recovery system. Aside from the robust security measures, perhaps the biggest benefit is the fact that real time push notifications may be enabled for both mobile users and those on browsers. The add on is frequently updated, with new features being made available. It also features message ordering, real time binary protocol, and authentication tokens.


Looking to connect everything in your apps, sites, etc.? deepstreamHub is designed to process multiple products and services at a time. From tracking tickets to vehicles, it lets you keep a watchful eye over the entire data store. An API allows you to program anything to interact with the add on, as well. You can manage multiple operations all in one place and let your clients subscribe to events. It is an excellent option for those in need of scalable, high performance connections. With excellent key encryption, the add on is also quite secure.



The Iron.io add on is meant to solve the problem of increasing complexity in apps. As people create more and more apps, the response times and connectivity require more processing. This is one reason Iron.io developed a secure system to speed up that processing. The add on is one of the fastest options for communicating between components and services. It’s cloud-based and scalable, to ensure it will fit your company at any size.

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