$8 Million Series A Will Enable Iron.io To Take Its Mission to a New Level

ironio-team FY15

When Travis and I founded Iron.io, we set out to create a beautiful developer experience for scaling your apps job processing system. If you’ve written apps that had to scale, managing the sometimes millions of events and tasks using queues and workers is extremely painful, error prone, and let’s face it, non-strategic. This type of plumbing is pretty unsexy to most developers, but to us, it meant developer empowerment. Plumbing that empowered a single developer at Untappd to build and scale to millions of beer check-ins per night, and a developer at Bleacher Report to deliver millions of push notifications in minutes without ever worrying about infrastructure. As we watched these use cases grow, we knew we were on to something.

Today, thousands of organizations rely on Iron.io for their event-driven applications. From small mobile gaming companies to the world’s largest global enterprises, we are serving billions of events per day through the Iron.io platform across a variety of cloud infrastructure providers as well as private data centers. This hybrid architecture gives our enterprise customers choice and control, while still delivering on our original promise to empower developers to build amazing things.

On the heels of this success in the market, I’m thrilled to announce that we’re accelerating that mission with $8 million in Series A financing, led by our long-time investor, supporter, advisor, Steve Anderson, founder of Baseline Ventures. We’re thrilled to have the continued support of our early investors Bain Capital Ventures, Divergent Ventures, Cloud Capital Partners, and Ignition Partners.

Everyday, I’m humbled by the amazing stories we hear from our customers and honored to work alongside a brilliant team of 40 and counting. This funding will fuel our growth and enable us to deliver on core enterprise features, further extending our lead as the most powerful, scalable, and developer friendly event-driven platform available.

Chad Arimura, CEO and Co-Founder

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