Beyond The Hype: The Internet of Things

Internet-of-Things-On-Demand-WebinarThe buzz surrounding the Internet of Things shows no signs of subsiding. At the same time, its potential has grown expediently. This appears to be one case where what is delivered will dwarf the hype. But, what does this mean for you and me?

Though the media and analysts talk about enabling Internet data in previously unconnected devices, many people have trouble visualizing exactly what that means. Head of Business Development Ivan Dwyer recently conducted a webinar that addresses questions around what Internet of Things means to Enterprises and developers. These include:

· What will supporting Internet of Things enabled device mean in data centers and delivery infrastructure?

· What could the surrounding software ecosystem look like?

· What new opportunities will this introduce for developers?

· What are the development patterns around Internet of Things applications?

· What are the needed strategies for scaling and powering Internet of Things workloads?

To here the answers to these questions and more watch this informative webinar now available on-demand or download Ivan’s whitepaper entitled The Workloads of the Internet of Things.


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