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Today, the world revolves around developers. Digital businesses are becoming a significant part of the landscape. A traditional business thrives on its responsiveness to customers and how it handles business data. People used to talk about the Era of Information Technology, however, now we’re in the Era of the Developer.

Fast-moving businesses recognize the need to give developers the tools, platforms, and application services developers require to get things done. Equally important is getting obstructions out of the way of developers and allowing them to move fast. What do developers need to be successful in this modern world? They need self-service, on-demand capabilities, immediate scale, and little to no operations. Simply put, developers want to write code – and do so in a manner that lets them focus on writing code without having to manage tools and infrastructure. The overhead of managing infrastructure or dealing with a mismatch between development and production systems steals precious cycles from a developer’s main driver – writing code.


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Asynchronous Developer Workflows

Today, more than 50% of the processing workloads in a modern application takes place in the background, running asynchronously outside of the main response loop. This means in addition to an application layer (powered via a platform like Heroku, OpenStack, or CloudFoundry or running on VMs directly), developers also need background or asynchronous processing frameworks to address these event-driven computing workloads. They need message queuing, task processing, and job scheduling along with the tooling to connect things together to make it easier for developers to upload tasks, run them at will or have them triggered based on specific events. Developers also need to know that these tasks run in a predictable, secure, and scalable manner. Asynchronous/event-driven computing is where is making strong inroads with developers and driving value for a growing number of fast-moving companies.

Enter DockerWorker

What makes’s story even more compelling is the way we leverage and support Docker containers. Our mission is to support simple and fast development workflows and not disrupt the developer process. Each task running within’s IronWorker runs within its own Docker container. We introduced this capability over a year ago and as a result, have run over 500 million Docker containers. Read more about our experiences with Docker in the links below.

Just a few weeks ago, we introduced the capability to upload tasks into IronWorker as Docker containers. As a result, developers are now able to build and test locally and then deploy an exact replica of their code package in the cloud when it’s ready for production. This improved process removes latencies associated with library loading, service dependencies, and upload times. Once the code resides on the platform, developers enjoy all the benefits of being able to queue tasks and achieve scalable workflows with almost zero DevOps. The result is reduced development (build and test) times, shorter deployment cycles (push to platform), and better scale and availability (production).

In addition, other services can leverage this container-based model to be introduced into the workflow. Developers can continue to develop, test, run continuous integration and deploy to production and work in the workflow that they love and works best for their needs.

In this video, Chad Arimura, CEO of, explains this process workflow and shares a brief example of how’s DockerWorker model works (via CLI or API). Once the code resides on the platform, developers enjoy all the benefits of being able to queue tasks and achieve scalable workflows.

For more information, check out the following resources: Serverless Tools

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