GoSF Talk: Travis Reeder on Go after 2 Years in Production

Travis Reeder, Iron.io’s CTO, gave a talk recently at a GoSF meetup on Iron.io’s use of Go. We’re big proponents of Go, using it for all our backend components and have written or talked about our experiences in a number of places (here, here, and here). Travis’ talk here is a compilation of a number of those thoughts. It contains a good rundown of why Go works for us.

Golang Series
Talk 1, Travis Reeder, from Iron.io, provides some in-depth details on why Go turned out to be the right choice for the Iron.io backend. He talks about issues related to performance, memory usage, concurrency, reliability, and deployment ease and goes through key areas in the architecture where Go made the difference.

Talk 2, Quinn Slack from Sourcegraph will show off a tool for navigating GitHub to everywhere a Go function is used or a Go interface is implemented. He will also show you how to use it to make your own open source projects better. These talks were recorded at the GoSF meetup at Cisco SF.

Travis Reeder at GoSF Meetup (Nov 6th, 2013)
The talk was produced by our friends at g33ktalk. They do a great job of keeping developers up on the latest news and events on things tech.Note: Check out the pretty good presentation glitch at 8:20 in.

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