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Integrating Airbrake With for Enhanced Performance Monitoring 

If you use Airbrake for cloud-based error and bug reporting, you know how valuable this service is for web development. Airbrake provides a broad range of performance management insights for various web apps, letting developers identify and fix technical issues in a speedier timeframe.

But did you know that could optimize Airbrake even further? An agent will continuously capture data from your Airbrake account and upload it into the New Relic platform, providing you with real-time error reports and graphs that offer unparalleled performance management insights.

Here's everything you need to know about integrating Airbrake with

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What is Airbrake?

Airbrake is an application performance management (APS) solution that tracks bugs and errors in web applications. Bugs, errors, and other performance-related issues can disrupt the web apps you rely on to facilitate business tasks, so using a solution like Airbrake proves useful.

When you use Airbrake for performance management, you can identify and fix errors that impact:

  • Downtime
  • Timeouts
  • Sales
  • Engagement
  • Customer service

When you diagnose errors in apps, you can improve workflows and enhance the customer experience.


What is the New Relic Platform?

The New Relic platform lets third-party services (like upload Airbrake metrics to New Relic. You can access Airbrake analytics, graphs, and visualizations from a single dashboard in New Relic, helping you identify technical issues quickly. When developers in your organization access these analytics, they can make smarter decisions and optimize performance management. Serverless Tools

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Airbrake and Integration Benefits

The Airbrake agent for New Relic takes data from your Airbrake account, uploads it to New Relic, and provides you with up-to-the-minute performance management insights. Use this agent to:

  • Identify bugs and errors
  • Deploy code quicker
  • Resolve technical issues
  • Track environment statistics
  • Track project statistics
  • View previously resolved errors's Airbrake agent runs on IronWorker — a container-based distributed work-on-demand platform that isolates dependencies and code in tasks for more effective task processing. Incorporating Airbrake, New Relic, and IronWorker into your tech stack lets developers monitor app performance with greater precision.

IronWorker and Airbrake Agent Capabilities's Airbrake agent extracts, processes, and uploads Airbrake analytics into New Relic continuously, so you can always access the latest performance metrics. The agent doesn't involve any servers and doesn't require setup or maintenance. Plus, you can keep the agent in any code repository because IronWorker exists in a multi-language environment, supporting PHP, Java, Go, Node.js, .NET, and other programming languages.

Tip: has New Relic agents for other third-party services such as TwilioStripe, and Parse


Final Word's Airbrake agent works via the New Relic platform and provides you with accurate performance management insights whenever you need them. Identify bugs, quickly deploy code, and resolve technical issues that could affect sales and damage your reputation. Integrate Airbrake and today!

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