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Integrate SendGrid With for Effective Email Marketing

Experts predict that humans will send and receive nearly 320 billion emails every day in 2021. Customer communication platforms like SendGrid make it easy for organizations to send messages to customers and clients via the cloud. There's no need for an email server.

Sometimes, emails can build up in queues on a platform such as SendGrid, delaying communications. If you send marketing and transactional messages via SendGrid, recipients might not receive communications at the right time, and this can affect the entire customer experience.

Using for SendGrid can solve this problem. You can create workers that streamline email scheduling, automating the entire process and improving delivery times.


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What is SendGrid?

SendGrid is an SMTP provider that lets you send marketing and transactional emails without an email server. Instead, you send cloud-based emails through SendGrid's SMTP relay or Web API.

Companies use SendGrid to deliver emails to customers and clients via the cloud, which costs less than using a server. There's no need to invest in expensive infrastructure.


Why Integrate SendGrid With

SendGrid is a cloud-based email delivery service for marketing and transactional emails, making it the cornerstone of many digital marketing campaigns. However, delays and latency problems on the platform can slow down communications and harm the overall customer experience.

Here are some common error messages you might see on SendGrid:

  • Queued mail for delivery
  • Your mail has been successfully queued!
  • Temporary local problem

You might see these messages when SendGrid queues your emails, which slows down delivery times.

Integrating SendGrid with could provide a solution. IronWorker is a container-based platform that isolates the code and dependencies of SendGrid tasks so you can process these tasks on demand and in the background. Using the Docker container format, IronWorker works in a multi-language environment, letting you complete SendGrid tasks concurrently at scale. Serverless Tools

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How Does SendGrid and IronWorker Integration Work?

When you create a worker for SendGrid via IronWorker, you can schedule emails more efficiently. IronWorker workers use the Node.js runtime (compatible with SendGrid's Node.js library) and process JavaScript objects.

The process is simple. IronWorker's command-line interface (CLI) deploys your worker to IronWorker's cloud. You can use your worker on's powerful API. (Process, schedule, or repeat SendGrid jobs quickly.)

Tip: IronWorker is language-agnostic and runs in a multi-language environment. You can asynchronously run code for SendGrid in a language of your choice.

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Final Word

SendGrid is an invaluable cloud-based email delivery service that powers digital marketing and customer service. But IronWorker optimizes the service for even more effective email scheduling and delivery. Creating IronWorker workers to deliver email solutions is a simple process that could revolutionize your communications with customers and clients.


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