@ Aloha Ruby 2012 is a sponsor of the Aloha Ruby Conference which takes place next week, Oct 8-9 2012, in Honolulu, Hawaii.

We're big users of Ruby on Rails – making heavy use of the language for our website and our dashboard – and are big supporters of the Rails community, serving as organizers of the SFRails meetup group. (We also make extensive use of Go and are organizers of the GoSF meetup group.)

The conference features a number of great speakers including top developers and architects from Living Social, GitHub, Heroku, Pivotal Labs, and Zendesk. The session on Overcoming Monolithic Applications with SOA especially caught our eye. We've written on the subject a few times and have services that directly support service-oriented architectures.*

blank CTO Travis Reeder will be at the conference with some new t-shirts in hand. If you happen to be in Honolulu, hit him up for one.

* We did a banner for the rollout of IronCache which featured a background of Mars, a planet which happens to have a rock formation called the Monolith.


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