@ API Strategy 2012 will be in NYC at the beginning of November for the API Strategy and Practice Conference. It's being put on by our friends at 3Scale and Kin Lane (API Evangelist). The provisioning of services – including and especially compute power in our view of things – via APIs is a huge part of the emerging IT stack and so we're happy to be on the sponsor list with some other top companies in the space. @ API Strategy and Practice 2012

Here's the description of the conference:

API adoption is exploding and with it the need to get a good handle on how to execute API programs at both a technical and strategic level: which standards to follow, how to reach developers, how to think about business models and reach your goals.  

To help navigate these challenges we’ve put together the API Strategy and Practice Conference together with Kin Lane at API Evangelist and a whole host of awesome sponsors and speakers. The Conference is on the 1st and 2nd of November and tickets are limited – so snap yours up! 

The goal is to provide smart insights from many of the worlds leading APIs and technology providers and in two days be a one stop to bootstrap your API Strategy as well as find out about many interesting APIs to use. 

A look at the speaker list will show it's going to be a pretty good meeting of the minds. Many thought-leaders and drivers will be there, leaders not only when it comes to APIs but also when it comes to new business models, services, and capabilities. It's starts the day after Halloween but something tells us that won't stop this group from having some fun along the way.
blankTravis Reeder will be there with some new t-shirts in hand. It you see him, hit him up for one. He might even have a few "Callback Me Maybe" ones on hand although they are going fast.

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