@ API Strategy Conference (NYC) will be in NYC this week at the API Strategy Conference. It was originally scheduled for November but Hurricane Sandy introduced a change in plans. It's being put on by Kin Lane (API Evangelist) and the people at 3Scale. It's on Thurs/Fri, Feb 21-22nd and is expected to draw a capacity crowd (site says it's sold out). @ API Strategy and Practice 2013

Here's the panel that Travis is on:

Track 3: API Security and ScalabilityAs APIs gain adoption they become ever more critical gateways to a company’s core business - ensuring access is secure and scalable are mission critical for your business. 

  • Paul Madsen (@PingIdentity) of  Ping Identity
  • Mark O'Neil (@TheMarkONeill) of Vordel
  • Travis Reeder (@treeder) of
  • Andy Thurai (@AndyThurai) of Intel
blankTravis Reeder will be there with some t-shirts in hand. It you see him, hit him up for one. He might have a few "Callback Me Maybe" ones on hand but we're just about out of that version.

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