@ API:World 2013

Chad Arimura from will be speaking at API:World this week. API:World 2013 is part of the DataWeek conference which is being held in San Francisco on Oct 2nd-3rd. @ API:World 2013

The API World conference was created with the mission to be a technology-neutral catalyst of connections, knowledge, trust, and business within the developer community of API providers and consumers. If you are a coder, a startup, or an enterprise that consumes or provides multiple APIs this is an event designed for you.

In a world of real-time data, real-time events, and real-time social interactions - it is becoming more and more critical that API's enable a "real-time web". What does a 'real-time web' mean, and what API-based technologies are core to this vision of the web? 


• Chris Ismael, Developer Advocate, Mashape (moderator)
• Chad Arimura, CEO / Co-founder,
• Stephen Blum, Founder, PubNub
• James Tamplin, CEO / Co-founder, Firebase


Chad will likely be there in an t-shirt and wearing his lucky boots. Look for him if you want to talk about message queuing, async processing at scale, Seattle Seahawks football, or playing in a band. (Or just get on a list for the next run of t-shirts.)

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