@ Big Data Hack Day is putting in some time at the Big Data Hack Day this weekend in San Francisco. A number of teams working with a number data sets to solve some hard challenges.

The event was put on by the AngelHack and folks and had a concentrated set of sponsors, all suited to working out problems with collecting and processing large volumes of data. In addition to, there were folks from Couchbase and Firebase (and Google Cloud Platform and Prior Knowledge).


 Big Data Hack Day Sponsors (partial list)

The pairing of's services (IronWorkerIronMQ, and IronCache) with back-end datastores – in the case of Couchbase, a fast NoSQL document database and in the case of Firebase, a real-time hosted datastore – makes a ton of sense. Workers, message queues, data caches, and job scheduling provide a asynchronous processing and orchestration tier that lets developers collect, process, transform, post, publish, and distribute data without having to exclusively work in particular paradigms (map-reduce as one example).


Async Processing Tier + Backend Datastore
And when you have hosted and elastic services that provide these capabilities, it makes it even easier to get things done. Not having to stand up and manage servers means developers can spend more time developing the parts that are core to their application.


As James Tamplin, CEO and co-founder of Firebase, explains it, "The pairing of a hosted database with a powerful worker and job scheduling like lets teams of two do in 24 hours what previously took teams of ten 2 years to do. It's how the next generation of software is being architected and built."


This shift makes sense not only for developers at hackathons, but also for just about every dev team out there – large, small, and everywhere in between.

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