+ Box Hackathon is excited to be a sponsor of the upcoming Box Hackathon. The theme is Redefining Work and it’ll be held on August 11-12. Hundreds of developers will be there looking to build the next great piece of business software.

Box is all about creating products that has the power of traditional enterprise software with an interface that’s super easy to use. is all about creating drop-dead simple cloud services that lets teams do massive things asynchronously. 

Need to pre- or post-process a document? (IronWorker
Need to do work at set times? (IronWorker scheduling) Need to process a ton of docs? (IronWorker) Need to orchestrate some workflow or coordinate activity among a set of processes? (IronMQ and IronCache). Boom, boom, boom, and boom!

We’ll be in good company at the event – Twilio, Parse, Mashery, Firebase, and TokBox are also sponsors.

Box Hackathon Sponsors

Plus, a number of great speakers and judges are lined up to be a part. Here’s a preview:

We wanted to inspire you to build something truly great and long lasting, so we’re going to kick off the hackathon with some keynote speakers who have done just that to the tune of $1.2 billion. Adam Pisoni, the CTO and Co-founder of Yammer, and Jason Green, a General Partner at Emergence Capital (and one of the lead investors in Yammer), will talk about what it takes to build a successful enterprise software business. When they’re done, we’ll also hear from Jeff Lawson, CEO and Co-founder of one of the best API companies out there,

Developers can use the IronWorker, IronMQ, and IronCache APIs and client libraries to create apps that do some amazing things in the background and/or in parallel. The Dev Center has information to get developers started as well as numerous tips and pointers. There’s also worker examples on Github that make it easy to get running. If you’re interested in participating, hit us up and we’ll provide you with a coupon code for a discount off of the entry price.

Box Hackathon Details

The Redefining Work hackathon promises to be a great event. We’re looking forward to seeing the things hackers will do to put a new spin on what it’s like to work in office space.

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