+ eCommerce Hack Day (Dwolla/Etsy) is excited to be a prize sponsor of the upcoming eCommerce Hack Day. It's put on by Dwolla and Etsy and is the first-ever New York City hackathon focused on the ecommerce space. It'll be held August 4-5 at the AlleyNYC offices in midtown Manhattan.

eCommerce Hack Day
eCommerce Hack Day

Building an ecommerce application has a lot of moving pieces and a ton of work needs to be done behind the scenes.'s hosted services fit right in. Here are just a few things that developers can use IronWorker, IronMQ, and IronCache for:

  • Use IronWorker to process transactions or send emails in the background. Or fire up lots of workers to crawl sites and compare prices. Or process a ton of images to provide the right look for your app.
  • Use IronWorker's scheduling capabilities to kick off jobs every 5 minutes, on the hour, or just about on any schedule you want. Pair it with SendGrid or Twilio to send out personalized emails, SMS, reports, and other notifications.
  • Use IronMQ to break up the workload, send messages between process, and perform many tasks asynchronously.
  • Use IronCache to store temporary data and coordinate across a large set of stateless processes.

The list of sponsors includes a collection of top cloud and API services. Which means we'll be in good company. It also means developers will have a really strong array of services to use to build some pretty inspiring applications.

The combination of ecommerce and the long list of APIs also means the app possibilities might be a bit overwhelming. To help, there's a good set of hack ideas at the Hack Day site which should give developers a lot to work with. You can see the list here.

eCommerce Hack Day Ideas

Our Dev Center has information to get developers started as well as numerous tips and pointers. There are also plenty of examples on Github and some how-to's on web crawling and sending personalized on's blog

eCommerce Hack Day Details

We're excited to be a part of the eCommerce Hack Day. It almost goes without saying that the combination of hosts, developers, and APIs will produce some darn good ecommerce and retail apps. We just hope they think big and do things at scale.


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