@ eCommerce Hack Day

Last weekend the DevEx team at was at the eCommerce Hack Day in New York City. It was hosted by Dwolla with help from Etsy and features lots of great API sponsors and a terrific set of applications. Here's an article from @betabeat that gives you a glimpse of the energy at the event.
The top hacks that used were Post My Trip and FriendlyFeast. Post My Trip is an app that generates a postcard of images by first pulling photos from nearby foursquare locations, using IronWorker to put together a good-looking collage, and then sending the postcard using Sincerely. They took home the other prize: a GoPro Hero2 camera along with some service credits.

was the crowd favorite / Michael Phelps of the event and picked up a handful of the API prizes. The FriendlyFeast team used IronWorker to make it easier to schedule, order, and pay for food in a group setting. They ended up taking home one of the prizes: a collection of messenger bags and service credits.

Paddy Foran, a Developer Experience Engineer, was at the hackathon to assist developers and came away pretty impressed with what he saw in New York.

"It was a blast. The hackathon's hashtag was trending on Twitter when the teams were demoing their hacks, because we couldn't stop talking about what people had built – even people who weren't there were tweeting about it. I've never seen so many talented people making amazing things in so small a time and space."

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