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The Hack the Midwest hackathon was this past weekend (June 15-16th) in Kansas City. The theme was "Build Something Epic" and from the looks of the projects the 30+ teams put together, that certainly proved true.

Among the many deserving winners was Half Empty? – which won the winner of the API Prize (a GoPro camera). The team consisted of Joseph Andaverde and Scott Smerchek. For such a small team, they certain did some big things. You can check out their application here.
Half Empty? – Winner of the API Prize at HackTheMidwest 2013
Here's a description of the app:


Tweets We Like to See

Analyze a persons tweets to find out if they are a negative nancy or a positive polly in public. Extract information about tweets to see what kinds of topics the person talks about. The application shows a trend over time of a person's negativeness / positiveness.

How It Works (excerpted from their about page)
  • An IronWorker is queued to analyze a user's tweets.

    Results Page for @getiron in Half Empty? App
  • That worker will pull around 1000 of a user's most recent tweets.
  • Each of those tweets get analyzed by the AlchemyAPI for sentiment (whether that text is considered positive, negative, or neutral)
  • The tweets and their sentiments are stored in the key/value store, IronCache
  • Once the worker is finished, we pull in some additional information from Klout and PeerIndex.
  • With all of the data in hand, we calculate the final score using a custom algorithm and display the results!
APIs Used

Another great hackathon from the Kansas City IT Professionals and Michael Gelphman (star hackathon/tech event producer.)

And an impressive showing from Team Half Empty. Well played, devs, well played.


Scott Smerchek (left) and
Micheal Schonfeld from Dwolla (right)

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