Launches IronWorker within the Azure Marketplace is pleased to announce it is offering its IronWorker platform as an Application Service within the Azure Marketplace, providing a key infrastructure component that gives developers immediate access to highly scalable event-driven computing services.

Every application in the cloud needs to process workloads on a continuous basis, at scale, on a schedule, or in the background. IronWorker is a modern application development platform for processing at a task level by isolating code packages and dependencies in a containerized compute environment managed by

IronWorker on Microsoft Azure

Developers can use IronWorker to develop scalable distributed cloud architectures from the start, turn custom client-server applications into cloud-based microservices, serve as a mobile compute cloud, or incorporate highly concurrent workload processing into their applications without the need for complex orchestration, overhead, and maintenance.

By collaborating with, Microsoft gives its customers flexibility in their application architectures and cloud migrations. By making use of IronWorker’s multi-language support, enterprise organizations can move individual components to the cloud while maintaining safe and secure application environments. IronWorker can also act as a key processing gateway to Azure component services including storage, queues, mobile services, and more, making it easy to create hybrid solutions of existing client-server applications and cloud-based microservices.


Through our expansive ecosystem, we are providing customers with the solutions they need to deploy their critical applications seamlessly in the cloud and create hybrid connections with on-premises. Building on our great Docker support in Azure, we are excited IronWorker is now available in the Azure Marketplace, to simplify deployment of the fantastic event-driven and processing technology created by

Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management, Microsoft Azure


Building Modern Cloud Solutions

IronWorker provides developers a friendly environment for handling a variety of event-driven asynchronous processing use cases including streamlined ETL pipelines, processing large files and big data sets, sending email and notifications in bulk, and more. By extending these capabilities to Azure, Microsoft customers can move much of their scale-out tasks to the cloud in an efficient and easy to use manner. leverages Docker as its core task processing environment, and has launched over 500 million containers since moving its capabilities into production earlier in the year. The IronWorker platform currently offers over 15 different Docker-based environments for specific language versions and essential libraries with additional capabilities coming soon.


Microsoft has built a world-class computing platform in Azure. brings to Azure a proven technology that provides an immediate way for Microsoft customers to migrate applications and services into the cloud as well as provide revolutionary component technology that lets them extend their use of the cloud even further.

Chad Arimura, CEO,


Getting Started With IronWorker on Azure

Users of Azure are today able to add IronWorker as a service by visiting the Azure Marketplace. We have written instructions for adding the IronWorker service in our Documentation. Developers can then write and package task code for deployment to IronWorker’s processing environment within Azure. The dashboard built into Azure provides detailed insight into the state of your tasks for monitoring your complete application activity and performance.

IronWorker is currently available in the West US region of Azure, and supports multiple languages including Go, Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, Node.js, and .NET.

To try IronWorker for free, sign up for an account at We’ll even give you a trial of some of the advanced features so that you can see how processing at scale will change the way you view modern application development.

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