@ New York Hackathons (Hack Upstate and UB Hacking) is excited to be a sponsor at two upcoming hackathons in New York. Both are in upstate New York is showing lots of cool tech activity lately. This is great for us because it gives us an opportunity to connect with some awesome projects, teams, schools, and organizations.

Hack Upstate

Hack Upstate is a weekend hackathon where developers, innovators and designers from Upstate New York will come together in Syracuse, NY, share ideas, form teams, and build awesome products.

The goal is to unite and facilitate collaboration among the greater Upstate New York hacker community. In doing so, Hack Upstate aims to contribute to the growth of Upstate New York's technology sector, and to create a robust network of technologists and regional technology companies.

UB Hacking

April 13th-14th

UB Hacking is a 24-hour hackathon hosted at SUNY Buffalo by the UB ACM. It is a hackathon for students by students designed to see awesome ideas brought to reality. UB Hacking will provide meals for the entirety of the hackathon, a place to nap (yeah, right), awesome free swag, prize money, and more! for Speed, Scale, and Simplicity

When you have 24 hours to create an application that does something powerful or just fun, you need simple powerful compute services. provides three core services that let you quickly build applications that do big things.

  • IronMQ is the message queue for the cloud, allowing developers easily facilitate asynchronicity, load buffering, work dispatch, database offloading, and more.
  • IronWorker is a massively scalable task queue for background processing, job scheduling, and map-reduce-like scale-out processing.
  • IronCache is a durable and elastic key-value data store for storing counters and global state data, temporary data values, or the results of processing.

We should note, the same benefits around speed, scale, and simplicity also apply when it comes to developing production-scale mission critical applications. Development speed always wins, even more so when combined with scale and reliability. on Hand

Paddy Foran, a developer experience engineer at, will be on hand at both events. He can help with thinking up project ideas as well as assist with making use of's simplicity and scale to help bring home some loot. ( will be giving out some Raspberry Pi's and Arduino boards to the top teams using 

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